Neil Curtis

.Net Developer

Neil Curtis

There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you’ve got a safe pair of hands on your side when it comes to thinking outside the box. And that’s where Neil comes in.

A .Net Web Developer, Neil’s highly experienced and knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to the fundamentals of web development. Whether it’s building multi-user interfaces or custom-built integration solutions, he’s got it locked up.

Logical problem-solving is second nature, and, with 20 years’ experience under his belt, there’s not much he hasn’t tackled in the field. Based in Nottingham, you might not see Neil around the Newquay office too often – but you’ll absolutely feel his impact.

Key Skills: C#, SQL Server, Azure, ASP.NET, NET CORE, MVC, Blazor, Web API, Web Forms, ADO.NET, HTML, LINQ, JSON, and XML