Danielle Martin

Business Development Manager

Meet Danielle, one of our dedicated project managers on the Buzz Interactive team. A core part of a strong crew, Danielle’s job is all about making sure your experience with Buzz is top notch, from keeping you up-to-date with project developments to ensuring things stay on-budget. 

She’ll keep you informed every step of the way, at a level of technical detail you're comfortable with, so you never leave a meeting worried about what’s happening next - safe in the knowledge that we’re working with your best interests in mind. 

How does she do it? With her upbeat attitude and a dedication to putting your needs first, Danielle utilises a knack for developing excellent professional relationships both in and out of the office. And, as your go-to contact during your time with us, she’ll add that personal touch to ensure your experience with Buzz is both pleasurable and valuable throughout.

Selected Clients