Alcwyn Parker


Alcwyn Parker, Buzz Web Developer.

When it comes to engaging audiences with technology, web developer Alcwyn is a seasoned pro.

In fact, from bespoke software development to games design, he has all the skills you’re looking for when it comes to creating that unique user experience that’ll keep your customers coming back time-and-time again.

So, how does he do it? With a background in interaction design and 15 years of dev experience under his belt, Al’s worked on some of the most high-profile audience technology immersion projects across the south west region.

He’s also dedicated his research to human-computer interaction, so you know that, when you work with Al, you’re working with someone who not only builds high-end software, but also understands exactly how to make your customers tick, too.

Key Skills: Typescript, React, VUE, HTML/CSS, Flutter/Dart, Unity Game Engine, C#, Python, Microsoft Azure


Paterson & Cooke – PRO Backfill

When it comes to specialist engineering, it pays (or, technically, saves) to be ahead of the game. So, when Paterson & Cooke realised a new platform was needed to make their customers’ lives even easier, they approached Buzz to make it happen.

What they needed? A web-based platform providing wide customer access, coherent management of multiple users and a centralised store of historic data. Luckily, we knew exactly what to do.