AeroSpace Cornwall


First Impressions

We all know the old adage that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to company websites? Slick design goes much further than you think. That’s why AeroSpace Cornwall realised they needed something out-of-this-world in their mission to cement this stunning county as the place to be for aerospace engineering in the UK – and we were more than happy to make it happen. 

The Right Message

AeroSpace Cornwall is on a quest to grow the space and aerospace sectors in Cornwall through RD&I and investment. The problem? They need to attract the right businesses looking for support in the first place.

So, to get on their radars, the website needed to reflect the right message; that Cornwall is leading the way in terms of technology, talent pool and infrastructure in the aerospace industry. Essentially, it needed to be inspirational.

With this in mind, the team decided they needed to up their online game and reflect the exceptional support on offer. And that’s when they got in touch with the team right here at Buzz. Teaming up with fellow creatives from Design79, Hedgehog and HALO Jessica Ratty, the journey began, and a vision was created. The result? An inspirational new website was born.

AeroSpace Cornwall website development 'About Us' page.

Real Results

Since going live with the new website at the start of October 2020, AeroSpace Cornwall has already landed multiple applications of interest from prospective companies hoping to take advantage of this dynamic programme.

From those already based in the area, to those hoping to make the move from further afield, the jump in attention confirms the future of Cornwall’s aerospace sector is looking brighter than ever.


It is a lovely site, and I’m really thankful we’ve got a great team in place to design and develop it.
Shelley Jones Marketing and Communications Manager