Everything you need to know about Bespoke Portals

In such a competitive world, gaining those fine margins over your competitors can make all the difference when it comes to long-term business success. With loyalty, advocacy and engagement being some of the most critical ways to nurture your business’ growth, a bespoke web portal for both you and your customers to use is one of the best ways to harness all of these.

With the help of the experts here at Buzz Interactive, discover everything you need to know before implementing a bespoke portal into your business operation.

What is a Bespoke Portal?

Before we get into the plethora of benefits that a bespoke portal can have on your business, we thought it was best to outline what one actually is so we’re all on the same page. A Bespoke portal is an online area created through software development, usually incorporating aspects of your business’s current online presence. This area is designed to allow customers and staff alike to interact with their desired area of your business. When done correctly and through a reputable software development agency, this means your customers are able to securely communicate with you.

How to Decide if Your Business Needs a Bespoke Portal

Here at Buzz, we champion functionality, so only recommend projects that we think will truly make your business run more efficiently. The first step to getting a bespoke portal for your business is to research the functionality of having one implemented into your business operations. By getting to know what type of users are using your website and what they wish they could do whilst on it, you will be able to identify what functions your portal needs.

If you’re thinking about incorporating a portal that encompasses all the tasks in your entire organisation, you need to take a step back. Using the 80/20 rule coined by Vilfredo Pareto we should approach your portal with the principle that 80% of the results come from 20% of the action. What this means is that by choosing the big goals you will have a working solution for a fraction of the budget. Remember it is possible to add functionality later on.

Key questions to ask yourself before committing to a bespoke portal:

  • How much admin time would you save from implementing a portal and what does this look like in monetary terms?
  • How much value will it create for you and your end users? Is this quantifiable?
  • Is your portal scalable to a point where you could charge your customers for access to your portal?
  • Would your portal make you stand out from your competitors? Will it make your customers’ lives easier and reduce the chances of customer churn?

Reap the Benefits of a Bespoke Portal for Your Business

If you’re looking for a software development agency that specialises in bespoke portal creation for a wide range of businesses, look no further than Buzz Interactive. Our team of seasoned professionals are adept at working with businesses and delivering a fully functioning bespoke portal that benefits the business and its customers.

For more information, please get in touch with us and a member of our team will be more than happy to help you.


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