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Set yourself apart from the competition with a stunning, custom-made app that smoothly guides your customer through a unique user experience - and keeps them coming back for more.

After all, with almost 80% of UK adults now owning a smartphone, apps are one of the best ways to connect with those tech-savvy consumers, who are always looking for the easiest routes to get what they want.

So, why not hone your online presence into a nifty app that makes engaging with your brand easier than ever before?

Whether you’re looking to create fun compelling games, travel guides, data collection or encourage health and fitness, our extensive know-how in building cross-platform apps will ensure that, when users come across your business, they’re getting the ultimate optimised experience – no matter the device.  

And, whatever the project, we’ll help you create something that’s not only easy-to-use but cements your brand as the go-to leader in your industry. All you need to do? Get in touch. 

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Case Study

A seamless user experience was key when it came to working on the Tesco Mobile Pay-As-Go app – but we knew how important detailed reporting was to the team, too. So, here’s how we built a comprehensive app, allowing customers to check current phone usage against tariffs, top up and purchase bundles, while integrating extensive Google Analytics, so the team at Tesco Mobile could access detailed reporting on user engagement and most-used features.

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Trade recommendation list
Trade performance dashboard
accounces screen
Tesco Mobile home screen
Tesco Mobile rocket packs
Tesco mobile usage dashboard
XplorEDEN splash screen
Eden Exhibits Map
XplorEDEN explore a quieter spot
Thanks again to all the team for a really amazing job on SALT for this week - you made us look like rock stars :-)

Alison Cashmore, Marketing Manager

Pure Card Login screen
Pure Card Top up screen
Pure Card Contact screen
Woofy Woops splash screen
Woofy woops squirting water
Barclays rewards list
Barclays rewards map
Barclays rewards detail list
I know the project it is not finished but we have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work you have all shown.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager

Dopy Dinosaur splash screen
Dopy Dinosaur game preview
NPWA profile page
NPWA start example screen shot
NPWA game example screen
We are really impressed with the app it’s looking great. It’s all come together better than we had hoped for. We’re really excited to start user testing.

Tanuvi Ethunandan, Co-Founder

The Cube
The Cube ball tower game
Mutu home screen
Mutu warm up screen
Mutu work out option list screen
Menieres setting screen
Menieres symptom screen
Menieres statistics screen
App for Cornwall homescreen
App for Cornwall activity list
App for Cornwall activity map
Thank you to you, Paul and the team for your efforts on this project, they have been nothing short of excellent.

Andy Stevens, Divisional Head of Technology

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