Paul Axten

Technical Director

Paul Axten, Buzz Technical Director.

As Buzz Interactive’s co-founder and technical director, it’s no surprise that Paul is passionate about bringing his clients’ visions to life.

In fact, from the moment we start discussing your initial ideas and goals, Paul will already be deciphering how we turn it into reality – the way we do for every client that comes through our doors.

How does he do it? With an empathy for your needs and a passion for making technology easy, as well as a deep-seated belief that being a good developer requires much more than simply programming – it’s about commitment and strong communication, too.

It’s these values which have not only dubbed Paul a ‘safe pair of hands’ but have also seen clients return to Buzz time again and again.

Key Skills: C#, Swift, Objective-C, Javascript, HTML/CSS, Unity 3D, SQL and Modo (among many, many more).


Barclays Premier Rewards App Development

Managing two separate apps takes a lot of time, building and maintenance – just ask the project team at Barclays. After struggling to provide the seamless experience for users they always wanted, they realised they needed to step things up with cross-platform innovation. What did they do next? Contacted the team right here at Buzz.