Henry Taylor

Web Developer

Henry Taylor

Meet Henry, front-end developer and user-interface mastermind here at Buzz.

With experience in everything from festival and event management to web development and digital content creation, Henry knows what makes a good user experience. Expertly using UX/UI principles to create functional and engaging platforms, he is passionate about wanting to make technology accessible and using it to make people’s lives easier.

In short? He’s got an eye for what looks good and loves the detail! Today, he’s responsible for making software that not only looks great but is fully-functional and efficient; fine-tuning a smooth experience for the user alongside our back-end development team.

With expertise in Angular, Neo4j Node.js, and more, he’s got the skills to make sure your project stands out. When Henry isn’t cracking down on some code, you can find him writing and producing music, making the most of being outdoors running and bouldering and enjoying nightlife.


Key Skills: Angular 12, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, Neo4j


Reef Water Solutions – ORAC

What all started as a plan to simplify paperwork through a mobile app soon led to the transformation of one company’s entire operational software. The result? Orac – a bespoke platform that makes compliance easier for both clients and staff.

Today, we’ve taken it even further, and, now, Orac is so much more than simply compliance software. The best part? The team will never miss a business-changing opportunity again.