Danielle Martin

Project Manager

Danielle Martin, Buzz Project Manager.

Meet Danielle, one of our dedicated project managers and a core part of the Buzz crew. Danielle’s job is all about making sure your experience with us is top notch, from keeping you up-to-date with project developments to ensuring things stay on-budget.

She will diligently keep you informed at every step of the process, tailoring the level of technical detail to match your comfort, ensuring that you leave every meeting with complete peace of mind about what comes next. Rest assured that she is always working with your best interests in mind.

How does she do this? Danielle’s unwavering positivity and commitment to prioritising your needs enable her to foster exceptional professional relationships, both within and beyond both the workplace. As your primary point of contact during your journey with us, she adds a personal touch that guarantees your experience with Buzz is not only enjoyable but also highly valuable from start to finish.


Paterson & Cooke – PRO Backfill

When it comes to specialist engineering, it pays (or, technically, saves) to be ahead of the game. So, when Paterson & Cooke realised a new platform was needed to make their customers’ lives even easier, they approached Buzz to make it happen.

What they needed? A web-based platform providing wide customer access, coherent management of multiple users and a centralised store of historic data. Luckily, we knew exactly what to do.