Christian Cook

Web developer

Christian Cook

Christian may live in Devon, but he’s making a mark here in Cornwall with the Buzz team.

A keen techie, Christian thrives on networking with like-minded people (he even runs his own Plymouth Web meet-up group), and doesn’t shy away from innovative projects. Today, he’s adding his skills in developing leading digital products, from e-learning apps to analytics management systems, to our Buzz portfolio – so, we can continue to deliver real, business-driving results for our clients.

With more than a decade in the business, and awards to his name, he’s ready to jump into the Discovery Phase with your crew and outline the vision you’ve been waiting for.


Key Skills: TypeScript, ECMAScript 5-10, Vue.js2&3, Angular.JS, Angular 2+, Ionic, Stencil, Storybook, Chromatic, Jest, Webpack, Rollup, Cordova, Capacitor, Electron, Firebase, MongoDB, Mapbox, Google Maps, LeafletJS, GitHub Actions, SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, Craft CMS


CLEAR – Database

Automated systems and portals are being integrated into almost every industry going today, and mental health care is no exception. In fact, it’s increasingly important that tracking patients, building reports and flagging issues is easier than ever before, so more lives can be helped as early as possible.

That’s why CLEAR, which specialises in emotional trauma and therapy in both adults and children, asked the team at Buzz to muck in.