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Virtual reality training materials

Buzz are successfully aligning TfL's internal communications with new technology, allowing them to deliver training at a fraction of the cost of real-world locomotive environments.

These projects are helping to reinvent the training structure for TfL, allowing drivers to simulate working in a cab, with an instructor asking them to carry out tasks such as driving the train, stopping and opening…

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transport for london vr and ar training materials simulation
transport for london vr and ar training materials action shot of a person using the training material
transport for london vr and ar training materials person using a wrench
transport for london vr and ar training materials person picking something up

Stable, Easy to Use

The team at Buzz understand what can be achieved by these emerging technologies, and this has allowed the TfL training to continue to stay ahead and offer best value.

Immersive Maintenance

Immersive maintenance is our latest program development. By breaking down content, and not overloading the user, we allow TfL employees to further their skill sets. Many vital tasks can be carried out in this virtual reality; bringing trains into bay, stopping at a designated marker and then carrying out various actions such as choosing appropriate safety equipment, changing brakes and draining fluids. 

Against strong national competition, Buzz won 'Best SME award' at the 2017 TfL Supplier Awards

Augmented Reality

We worked closely with the transport giant to create a new augmented reality experience using Hololens. This involved launching a real-world overlay of technical info and video, detailing maintenance items that are automatically recognised by the headset’s sensors.


Buzz work collaboratively with Engine House on TfL projects. Engine House are another Cornwall-based company, who create 3D environments and design styling assets for Buzz.

Thank you for the new version. The introduction of sound has really added a new dynamic and greater level of immersion to it.

Turan Suleyman, Electronic Engineer

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