Tesco Mobile ‘Pay As You Go’ App Development

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Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to running an app is vital when you’re a multinational business offering monthly services – and that’s why Tesco Mobile’s technical partners came to Buzz Interactive when they realised mobile users needed better access to their online accounts.

Understanding the significance of user-centric design and accessibility, Buzz Interactive as Tesco Mobile’s technical partners, sought a solution to streamline online account management for their Pay-As-You-Go customers. The challenge was to create an intuitive, user-friendly app that provided effortless navigation, improved account visibility, and a seamless user journey.

Tesco Mobile - Pay As You Go created by Buzz Interactive


With billions of apps downloaded every year, it’s no wonder that they are becoming one of the fastest-growing methods of account management in today’s online world – but not every business gets it totally right.

And, for Tesco Mobile, trusted technical partners The Grass Roots Group were quick to realise the key issue their own customers struggled with was being able to easily check things like their current phone usage against their tariff, top up or easily purchase new bundles.

But while these things were important, it didn’t stop there – the team also wanted to be able to access the data behind the scenes so they could update features and targeting according to what the customer base was looking for most.


The next step for the group was to bring on our talented team right here at Buzz Interactive.

With our highly skilled engineers, we were able to build the Pay As You Go App for both iOS and Android platforms, creating a slick user experience with extensive data reporting that ticked all the right boxes – and right on time, too.

How did we do it? Building dynamic user interfaces from scratch and harnessing innovative technologies for high performance, before integrating Google Analytics could provide Tesco Mobile with detailed reporting on user engagement and most-used features, so they could have up-to-the-minute data at the click of a mouse.

The best part about this approach? Not only was it incredibly efficient, but it was also completely cost-effective for the client with great customer feedback.



The Tesco Mobile Pay-As-You-Go App project exemplifies our commitment to creating innovative solutions that redefine user experiences in the digital landscape. By combining technological expertise with user-centric design, Tesco Mobile elevated its services, providing customers with a seamless, accessible, and intuitive mobile application tailored to their needs.

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Once again, thank you to you, Paul and the team for your efforts on this project they have been nothing short of excellent.
Andy Stevens Divisional Head of Technology