SC Nutrition – Cow Wellbeing Monitor

Web System

Meticulous Management

Caring for cows is more than just setting them free to graze in a field; the work behind-the-scenes on their health is meticulous. Now, one business is getting a high-tech makeover with Buzz – helping them to ensure wellbeing and nutrition lies at the heart of milking.

SC Nutrition data dashboard and monitoring system.

Dynamic Data Reporting

When SC Nutrition approached Buzz Interactive, the team were looking for a way to build a farm survey platform that would take them from paper to screen and be accessible out in the field. With many tests and observations being made on-farm, being able to input data directly into the system via mobile would be a key way to increase efficiency and develop the customer experience.

The best way to do this? With an app that would not only allow staff to input data, but also automatically create a range of dynamic reports for clients to review in person on farm or output as printed PDFs if needed.

Expert-Driven Development

Our Buzz crew worked alongside the nutritionists and technicians at SC Nutrition, which specialises in the welfare and optimum feed/ration needs of milking cows, to ensure the team’s top priorities were passing the mark throughout this project.

From easy and quick input to the game-changing offline capability, the new app is already making a difference on the ground.

It’s good to get using it on farm, especially on a smaller screen… it works really well with just a couple of things to feedback on.
Emma Tristram Nutritionist