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What all started as a plan to simplify paperwork through a mobile app soon led to the transformation of one company’s entire operational software. The result? Orac – a bespoke platform that makes compliance easier for both clients and staff (as well as a strong working relationship built on trust, camaraderie and cake).

Flexible software

When Reef Water Solutions, specialists in assessing the health and safety of water systems, initially approached Buzz, they were looking for a way to improve their paper-based survey system, which engineers used during visits to clients’ premises.

And, with Buzz’s help, they were happily able to say goodbye to the labour-intensive and error-prone process by replacing it with an iOS app. Honestly? They haven’t looked back.

But, just three years later, they approached our team again - this time, to work on a project to transform existing desktop software, used to track and schedule engineers’ visits to clients’ premises, with a more flexible web-based system.

With off-the-shelf packages not meeting the company’s exacting criteria, there was only one thing for it – build a bespoke system that could make compliance easier for both their clients and in-house service team.

Working together

Thanks to close collaboration with the Reef team, we were able to look at every aspect of the business and identify those key areas that needed translating into the new software.

The result is now the development of a dashboard that manages clients, quotations, jobs, engineers and reports, which is accessible to everyone involved in the process. Engineers can even see their schedule in a calendar view and clients have immediate access to reports.

The golden rule? It all starts by us getting to know your business inside-out.

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The Team at Buzz evaluate every process in minute detail, concentrating very much on personal interaction and user functionality, and have produced a system we are immensely proud of.

Mike Frith, Managing Director

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