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Managing two separate apps takes a lot of time, building and maintenance - just ask the project team at Barclays. After struggling to provide the seamless experience for users they always wanted, they realised they needed to step things up with cross-platform innovation. What did they do next? Contacted the team right here at Buzz.

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When users downloaded older versions of the Barclays Premiere Rewards app, used for quick access to treats and discounts, they may not have always noticed the difference in front of them.

But, with two apps built on systems running separately on iOS and Android, things behind the scenes were a very different story.

Built with a hybrid of systems, resulting in two independent apps to build, test and maintain, the Barclays team faced a myriad of issues with testing and consistency with earlier versions of the rewards app.

So, for version six, they wanted to take a new approach. 

Collaborating with Buzz and Hawk Incentives, they coveted a fresh phase of development, with the chance to create a new look and plan for new features based on a cross-platform system.

Dynamic collaboration

As experts when it comes to cross-platform tools, our team at Buzz were able to create a swish version of this app which allowed for a single codebase, with much of the code shared across the two operating systems.

The result? Automated testing covering Android and iOS simultaneously with fewer issues and just one app to test and maintain. It didn’t stop there, though – it also built a tighter team collaboration for a more consistent user experience.

Now, when you download the new app, you’ll not only find a new dynamic Home screen and Prize Draws section, but your experience will be steady and reliable – no matter what operating system you use it on.


Shared core code commits


iOS code commits


Android code commits
Thank you so much for all the support and hours that you have put into building PRA6. We have achieved a huge milestone today and would not have made it without the amazing team work by you all.

Caroline Kelly, Project Manager. Hawk Incentives

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