Paterson & Cooke – PRO Backfill

Web System


When it comes to specialist engineering, it pays (or, technically, saves) to be ahead of the game. So, when Paterson & Cooke realised a new platform was needed to make their customers’ lives even easier, they approached Buzz to make it happen.

What they needed? A web-based platform providing wide customer access, coherent management of multiple users and a centralised store of historic data. Luckily, we knew exactly what to do.

Patterson and Cooke development


For the team developing this project, understanding the goals of Paterson & Cooke was absolutely key, which is where our in-depth Discovery Phase came into it’s own. This engineering firm, specialising in slurry pipeline design, mine backfill and mineral processing, has been working on a novel mechanism to help backfill engineers select an optimal paste recipe for any given mine stope.

The aim? To allow a more efficient use of materials, saving money and time in the long run, by taking into account a wider spectrum of parameters than any systems have managed before.

So, where does Buzz come in? Our job was to take these parameters and develop a software solution that would set up, visualise, edit and output the data needed for any given mine. Users would even be able to save the recipe to the pour database as a record of that pour for the stope.

The result was building the hydraulic backfill recipe system (dubbed PRO Backfill) that could be accessed via a web-based platform to help determine the optimal binder content and solids concentration specific to the location of an individual stope being filled, ensuring the minimum possible binder content is achieved for the required UCS and curing time.

buzz interactive team in a meeting


With our significant experience in the design and creation of online service platforms, including detailed data-driven configuration tools and 3D interfaces, bringing systems like this to life is what we do best.

After successfully building PRO Backfill, today, we continue to work with the Paterson & Cooke team to take this software even further, adding new features that will continue to help save time, materials and money for specialist mine backfill engineers around the world.

It’s been an enjoyable process through these discovery sessions, they have been going well and we are making good progress.
Geoff Adderley, Project Engineer