Kensa Health – Discovery & All My Meds app MVP

Kensa Health - Discovery & All My Meds app MVP


Innovative projects need innovative thinking, so, when it came to planning the future of Kensa Health (an online platform aimed at helping women take control of their health), our crew at Buzz were ready to start turning potential ideas into plausible reality.

All My Meds


From building concepts for an online portal – complete with courses – to a companion mobile app, our Discovery Phase allowed co-founders Caitlin and Rose to scope out the key components of such a massive project. The goal? To ensure they knew exactly what they needed to move Kensa Health forward.

Kensa Health App Discovery Map


By creating an interactive wireframe, built by our team in Figma, we were able to develop a project proposal that could turn ideas into funding – and that’s exactly what it did.

Caitlin and Rose have since taken their project forward to investors ahead of full development, and, today, their success means Buzz has brought to life Kensa Health’s first MVP app, All My Meds, which has transformed medication management for women.

Caitlin from Kensa Health
Thank you for an extremely useful Discovery session yesterday. It was really valuable for Rose and myself and has got us really thinking about the app and where this will all go.
Caitlin Gould Co-founder, Kensa Health