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Managing tasks isn’t always easy for children with autism; now, one project is hoping to change that. Jam Up! is a multi-task gamified app that promotes health and autonomy for autistic children and well-being for their parents and carers. Based on helping kids focus (so they can get back to doing what they love most), the Jam Up! app is all about making life less overwhelming. Here at Buzz, we’re bringing it to life!

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For us, the key to getting this project off the ground was all about taking it back to the people who need it most – the kids! Following a kid-co-development approach, the goal was to create an app that could bring real change to family lives, supporting autistic children aged 7-14 with everyday tasks they find tricky, in a fun and engaging way.

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So far, Buzz has helped founder Rachael Malthouse take her proposal from initial concept to interactive development; from an idea-splattered Miro board to working MVP. The resulting multi-task toolbox mobile app, uses digital play to empower autistic children to gain independence in everyday tasks. The software development specialists at Buzz collaborated with subject matter expert Rachael using the MoSCoW methodology to ensure project aims were met on time and within budget. With the help of her own children, plus multiple health industry professionals, the glowing feedback is just one step towards a more manageable lifestyle for vulnerable children and families.

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I’ve been sharing the initial app with kids at the school gates for the last couple of days and they are loving it and are intuitively able to explore it. I shared it with James’ speech and language therapist earlier today and she was really excited by it, as she had been involved at an earlier stage of its design. James likes how simple it is to use and they adore the pets! I honestly couldn’t be happier with how it is looking.
Rachael Malthouse Founder