iJo Power – Solar Panel & Battery Storage Configurator

iJo Power - Solar Panel & Battery Storage Configurator


Working out what a customer needs can take time and dedication (from both sides), which isn’t always ideal when you run a busy business. And for the customer? In the age of the Internet, quick answers to burning questions are pretty much expected.

That’s why iJo Power, a Cornwall-based renewable energy system design and installation company, wanted a solution that could do just that; something that could narrow down a customer’s needs and turn it into a realistic quote in just a few minutes.

When they came to Buzz with a vision, it was our job to bring that vision to life – and that’s exactly what we did.

iJo Power - Solar Panel & Battery Storage Configurator


So, what were the team at iJo Power looking for? Essentially, a way to make obtaining quotes for solar panels and battery storage supply and fitting absolutely painless. And, more than that, a way to get key information without the hassle for staff, too.

Luckily, our team at Buzz knocked their heads together and immediately knew what they needed – an online configurator. With a configurator, it was all about streamlining the process and improving customer experience.

Buzz Interactive team meeting


Building a solution that could help customers easily obtain an online quote was a gamechanger for the iJo Power crew.

Not only did the new configurator save customer time, it also helped weed out the weaker leads, ensuring each enquiry followed up had a higher success rate.

Most importantly, by freeing up key staff time and expertise, and making more room for quality leads, the team is now back to doing what they do best – building effective energy solutions for the future.

iJo Power team member
“I’m really pleased. The wireframes look great and an excellent start. The dream team!”
Sam Taylor, Director, IJO Power