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Dashboard capability

Racking up hours of admin time with huge volumes of paperwork had been a huge bugbear for the Cornwall Development Company – until they got in touch with our team right here at Buzz. Now, their staff can get back to doing what they do best thanks to their new web-based dashboard system.

Building efficiency

Facing mountains of paperwork is enough to make any member of staff sigh with exasperation - and the team at Cornwall Development Company (CDC) were no different.

As a Cornwall Council company, this group runs multiple growth initiatives across the county, helping to support businesses and, in turn, grow the Cornish economy.

But, for this particular project, they focussed on Business Investment for Growth (BIG) - a grant programme for SMEs, which, unsurprisingly, involved a lot of applications and claims.

The problem? The volume of paperwork required to complete a claim wasn’t efficient, and it’s likely some went stale thanks to lack of activity of completing forms and the out-dated approach of using Excel and email to complete such a mammoth task.

That’s when they approached our crew at Buzz – and we were more than happy to get on board.

Delivering dynamic processing

Working on this project, we knew time and accuracy were big factors for the CDC team and, essentially, what they needed was a smooth web dashboard system that would better define each of step in the application journey.

So, with that in mind, it was time to say goodbye to the old table-based process and instead create a flexible user interface that could act as a more dynamic and focused data entry system.

Now, complete with automated ‘handover triggers’ to inform everyone in the process when action is required, staff have already marvelled at how much time they have saved.

This is just the beginning, though, and, as we continue with this phased development through 2020, we’ll be refining the system to support every aspect of the application journey – from size and type of claim, to cashflow forecasts and deeper software integration. 

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I’ve been showing the latest version to people further up the line and stakeholders like it. One commented ‘I love the new system…very sophisticated'

Head of Strategic Development and Programme Manager for Business Investment for Growth Productivity

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