Cornwall and West Devon Mining – World Heritage Site



Trying to showcase a large volume of content in an engaging way isn’t always easy online. So, when the crew from the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site wanted to give their members an innovative, but informative, online experience, they turned to Buzz.

With our help members can now access more content than ever, without the hassle.

Cornwall and West Devon Mining project website.


Every project at Buzz starts with a vision and kickstarting the new version of the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Heritage website was no different. 

As always, our first task was all about working with the client, alongside our collaborative partners Design79, to pin down the key challenges and how to overcome them. In this case, we’re talking a heap of member content that needed to be condensed into a relatable format. 

Not only that, but the entire user experience needed to be clean and engaging to non-members, too, all while using the wealth of stunning imagery and new videos, shot using the latest drone technology and commissioned exclusively for this website, to bring it all to life.

This meant defining the entire user journey, from several different angles, while sculpting the navigation and content showcase, without hampering load times – just the type of meaty project we like to get stuck into. 

buzz interactive team in a meeting


To get this project off the ground, we fleshed out the concept with wireframes via our InVision software. The bonus? The WHS team got glimpses of the new site from the very early stages, with total interactivity throughout.


Beyond that, the website also needed a payment gateway feature for members, which we were able to incorporate into the Orchard Core CMS for a smooth payment experience.

Now, the new website is not only a haven of information, all accessed and neatly packaged into a clean user experience, it’s also totally streamlined for admins, too. 

Beautifully clear and set out really well. You’ve set it out on mobile better than I’ve seen before.
Deborah Boden World Heritage Site, Office Co-ordinator