Creating Bott’s SmartVan Configurator



When Bott, producers of premium, customisable van racking solutions, came to Buzz, they were looking for a way to simplify the design and buying process. What did they get? A first-class design and build tool that would not only create exponential growth but later deliver revenues of over £1m.


Creating design and build tools – also known as configurators – are just one of the many nifty skills of the Buzz team.

During our discovery phase for this project, we worked with Bott to build a solution that would deliver exactly what they were looking for, while optimising the user experience to boost repeat business in the future.

They were looking to streamline their process of creating bespoke van solutions to clients. Taking out the need for complicated, time consuming calls and allowing them to generate revenue without the need of having an employee on stand-by.


The result was the Bott Smartvan configurator, a system which guides customers through a staged process of vehicle, racking, flooring and accessory configuration.

From sizing and placement options, to a multitude of different in-rack options suitable for different professions, we crafted a smooth process which not only gives visuals of each component as they are added, but also takes care of preventing conflicting options at the same time. And, once designed, each order is then imported directly into the Bott order management system, resulting in a complete automation of what was once a tedious customer experience.

We even made sure the system was seamless across all devices, so it’s always at 100% and Bott can be safe in the knowledge that their customers are getting the best customer experience possible – no matter the device, time or location.


For Bott, giving a customer their quote was once a lengthy process, often based on creating a customised van racking solution that would be sold to a large fleet, with each option manually configured and illustrated by a CAD designer.

From the initial call through to the final quote, customers might have to wait several days before being presented with the company’s high-spec offering – even if it was worth the wait.

But suddenly they realised it didn’t have to be like that and, if they wanted to reach a wider audience, they needed to up their game with an automated system that would not only reduce hours of admin time, but also greatly enhance the customer experience.

This is what we based our objective around, creating a configurator that could take out this lengthy process. Allowing a better journey for the customer and for Bott.

If you want to cut out the hassle and streamline your design and build systems. Get in touch to find out how we can design a configurator that is tailored to you.


man smiling
This is brilliant! We are really excited about this configurator and I think this will make a massive difference to our sales.
Ben Rotheray Marketing Manager Bott Ltd