Beluga Pods – Discovery & Click-Through

Beluga Pods - Discovery & Click-Through


Connecting through digital technology sounds simple – but it’s not always easy to find the right people. That’s why Georgie Cox decided to explore her idea of creating a new social platform, dubbed ‘Beluga Pods’, with the help of Buzz’s Discovery Phase.

Buzz Interactive project


Inspired by Georgie’s own experience of the Covid lockdowns, she wanted to give people a space where they could share stories and support each other. And that’s where Beluga Pods came in – an app all about helping users reach out to like-minded people, depending on what they’re going through.

This app concept is all about creating ‘pods’, where people can connect based on experiences of what they’re going through, from a new job, a new baby or simply feeling lonely.


Thanks to Buzz, Georgie was able to flesh out her idea and walk away with a full pack of materials to help support her bids for funding. From Miro board planning and Event Storming sessions, to the creation of ‘click-through’ wireframes for the app (plus a cost estimate and more), she’s got everything she needs to take this project to the next level; build.

Thank you so much for your time today walking me through the prototype, I am so happy with the outcome and how you have brought my idea to life.
Georgie Cox Owner, Beluga Pods