Aegis Veterinary Technologies – ArriVet

Web Portal and App


Working in rural locations isn’t easy when you’re desperately trying to save the life of an animal – especially if you can’t pinpoint exactly where the patient is. But, thanks to Buzz, receptionists, vets and clients can now connect in real-time via an online portal and app, making rural appointments easier than ever before.


There’s an issue that’s traditionally always hampered vets; how to find clients in hard-to-reach locations. In fact, logistics can be a nightmare for many vets heading out to emergency appointments, despite the digitisation of back-office appointment systems – and that’s often down to a lack of high quality location data, as well as uncertainty around arrival times and appointment attendees.

With ArriVet, however, it’s all about improving vet workflows and the overall customer experience.

Developed by Buzz with Aegis Veterinary Technology, ArriVet revolutionises ambulatory veterinary practice using an online portal and app. It works by keeping everyone in the loop with a platform that integrates with existing PMS, meaning Practices remain in control – no matter the job.


Solving these problems through a combination of data quality improvements, automatic notification of status updates, intelligent route planning and location awareness are just some of the perks of ArriVet.

This game-changing tech also includes up-to-the minute time of arrival estimates and an easy-to-use central management dashboard for Practice receptionists, so there’s no reason for vets to get lost on the job ever again!

By using a system and app that allows equine vet Practices to pinpoint locations of their clients, view their vets in the field in real time and quickly respond to emergencies, Practices no longer have to deal with frustrated clients or play telephone tennis, either. The result? Consistent clinical excellence and client satisfaction.

Feedback from Practices who have used the app is very positive, even at an MVP stage, the product will be transformative for some Practices.
Iain Brunt Director