All3Media International – The Cube game app

Ranked number 1 top grossing app in itunes

Buzz built the Cube game to accompany the ITV show presented by Philip Scofield. It was a large, complex project, undertaken for an exacting and high-profile client.
It was ranked number one top grossing app (in iTunes) at launch and is regularly seen in the Arcade and Family charts since.
More recently the app has been adapted to a ‘free to play’ model to better match the requirements of the US market.

Utilising the power of Unity

The Unity 3D engine allowed us to build a flexible framework for a very large variety of 3D games with 2D user interface and deploy the game to multiple app stores in a cross-platform mobile friendly way.
Assets from the TV game’s floor have been reused unaltered and the environment is based on the original set plans making this an exact virtual representation of the actual Cube. This all adds to the immersive and interactive experience for users.

Localised versions of the game

The framework for the game allows it to be continually updated and localised for other regions as the show is licensed around the world. We have developed replica versions of the English game in multiple languages and locales including Italian and Spanish as well as for Australia and the Netherlands. This is across two platforms (Android and iOS) sharing the same core code-base. This included re-purposing not only the raw text assets, but voice over files and images (with text included) too. All of which were translated and supplied to us via multiple translation houses. Our code also sold to China.

The latest version of the app has been released in the US and is a special edition with new purpose built 3D sets and game modes.

The app is looking great, those changes really modernise the Cube and bring it up to date with the new version. I really like Circumvent, I think the 2 player works brilliantly.
Account Manager