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Maximising portal potential

Moving from a paper-based system to online isn’t always easy  – but that’s where the Buzz team shines. For Active Plus, an organisation which supports injured military veterans by building confidence and motivation through unique programmes, we realised they needed a portal that would not only make the end-users happy but ensure it hadn’t just become a digitised version of their old system, with real benefits for staff, too. Two years later, we continue to be their go-to for maximising portal potential. 

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Going digital

Active Plus spends a lot of time dealing with forms.

From delivering programmes to the right people to tracking success, they must enrol every participant - and then ensure they complete a series of questionnaires relating to each activity they take part in. So, a lot of paper!

It’s not for nothing, though, and all of this information is used to reinforce the benefits of the programme, as well as for management reporting and funding requirements.

The problem? It’s a tedious task for both end-users and for the staff dealing with the data. So, that’s where our team came in – to transform their current paper-based system into a sleek user-friendly online database and portal.

Making it happen

Working alongside respected design psychologist Paul Davies, we kicked things off with a strong animated prototype that distilled each of the necessary forms into a series of clear, crisply-designed steps.

And, while end-users enjoyed the cleaner form-filling experience, the next step was all about refocusing effort on management and reporting of the collected data.

Now, the system skips the monotonous data-sorting and does it all for them – with ready-to-submit reports at the click of a few buttons.

The key? A new portal that was intuitive and easily-accessed by all members of staff, which could not only store data but also report on it in a useful way. 

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I am hoping that you will be able to renew your work with us this year, as we are really keen to start to develop the MIS into an organisation-wide tool. it has already been a great asset to the project.

Carolyn Webster, Programme Manager, Active Plus

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