How to Streamline Your Business with a Data Dashboard

When your business gets to a certain size, there are often elements that you will find hard to keep track of unless properly organised and curated. With masses of data being collected every day and information coming from customers and employees, one way to keep everything together is through a data dashboard. Being able to easily access and assess your KPIs through a dashboard – often used as part of a bespoke portal – can save your business heaps of time and resources. 

Some businesses get hung up on including each and every one of their data sources on their dashboards, making them confusing and difficult to read. That’s where our experts here at Buzz Interactive come in. Our team has years of experience creating dashboards that are easy to understand and, more importantly, generate actionable insights to give better service to customers and streamline operations. 

How Can Your Business Use Data Dashboards?

We know it may be an overused phrase, however, we truly believe that the possibilities are endless when it comes to data dashboard use cases.  

Automation plays a hugely important role in the majority of case studies. For example, the human resources or internal operations team of a company may use an internal dashboard to automate the planning and optimising of staff schedules to include appointments with their clients, sick days and annual leave. While a school may use a portal to streamline data and easily visualise pupil learning throughout the year with colourful graphs and charts. 

In a sea of endless possibilities, what matters most is that your data should work for you. Buzz are here to help develop a system to ease the burden of manual processes and free up time for your staff and customers.

Ways to Make Your Data Dashboard as Effective as Possible

Determine the Most Relevant Data

The first thing to consider before you begin building your dashboard is to identify the most important parts of your incoming data. For example, if you’re a director, you may want a blanket overview of the entire company’s performance. Whereas if you’re in the sales department, you may only require access to more granular figures.  

At the very earliest stage, ensure you’ve outlined the KPIs you want the users of your bespoke portal to see. 

Choose the Right Data Visualisation Options

By choosing the right way to visualise your data, you make it more accessible and easy to understand. By not having to rely on words to convey what the data means, you are saving time and space. This leads to a more intuitive way of visualising and understanding your business’s data, especially seeing as it can be filtered, making it even easier to find the data you’re looking for.

Our team knows just what your dashboard would benefit from. Whether it’s an interactive pie chart that can be adjusted depending on how you filter it or infographics and animated graphs – our visual options make large amounts of data easy to understand. To find out more, check out our work with Mappix.

Discover how a Bespoke Portal can Benefit your Business

If you want to find out more about how the team at Buzz Interactive can help your business operate more efficiently, get in touch today. With years of experience elevating business operations across the UK, we know just what your business needs.

How to Streamline Your Business with a Data Dashboard


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